The end of the single-use era









Plastics are choking our planet – and it's time we cut them out. By refilling products, we can reduce plastics in retail by 97% resulting in a major drop in plastic waste. However, refilling options can be messy, costly, and inefficient, with a massive impact on supply chains. Not anymore: we've launched the world's first fully optimized refilling station. Ideal for companies, friendly for consumers and good to the planet.

Here’s how it works


Click into the dispenser in a jiffy. Any packaging will suit. The smart cap makes sure there’s only one fit for a perfect refill.


Easy does it with our user-friendly touch screen interface. Customers pick their products and quantities with a finger tap or two. The smart cap's RFID tag ensures that the right product enters the right container. No mix-ups here!


The dispensing process is fully-automated. The station stays clean with the help of our smart system, preventing any spilling or overfilling.


When a refilled package is removed from the machine, the Smart Seal valve automatically closes. Designed to withstand up to 200kg, no product will leak on its way home – rest assured.


From washing detergent to hand soap: there's a dispenser to suit every product. With the right one attached, it's easier than ever for customers to dispense what they need. No more messy accidents!







Crafted with precision-engineered injection-molded components, it's designed for seamless, eco-friendly refilling. Its modular nature allows adaptability to diverse packaging needs, ensuring unmatched compatibility.

Plus, with integrated RFID technology, every refill is traceable, offering insights into consumer patterns and championing a circular, sustainable approach.

We are fyllar


Located in the technical epicenter of the Netherlands, we're an ambitious team who take smart solutions and positive change seriously. We firmly believe that we make an impact with our solution, as we question the status quo and design for scale. We want change that's better for brands, retailers, consumers and most importantly, for our beloved planet


The process at our stations is optimized from A to e, eliminating bumps on the road to a refill - from a leak-free smart closure nozzle to a reward system based on RFID integration in the cap. There's no limit on packaging shape: we design for your needs with your consumer in mind so that moving to refill is financially attractive and - if we may say so - fun as well.


Planet Earth is screaming for a reduction in plastic waste - and we're yelling back louder with our solutions for change. We believe in a future where single use plastic is forgotten, where the world is singing, not screaming. That s why we innovate disruptive solutions to cut out plastic, one bottle at a time.

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